The Shot of Hope Series

“Readers always ask me—What do we do now? How do we stay positive in these dark times? Finally, I have the perfect answer. Diane Silver’s books. This series of short meditations is a kick in the pants for anyone who feels discouraged or scared or lost. I’m so blessed to know Diane, to count her in my possibility posse. And now, her wise words are available to all of us. Thank you, Diane, for reminding us of our own inner power, of our own endless ability to make the world a more beautiful place.” – Pam Grout, #1 NY Times bestselling author of E-Squared and 18 other books

Volume 1: Meditations for an Age of Despair (2017)

We live in unsettling times. Hate appears to be ascendant. Bullying looks like the quickest path to success these days, at least in politics. And truth? Increasingly truth–the real thing based on facts and evidence–looks like an idea that is past its prime. For many of us, hope has become a fleeting memory. But can any of us survive for long without hope? (more)

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Volume 2: Meditations on Awakening

Consider the drop of water. It is the most helpless of substances. In a split second, you can rub a drop out of existence using nothing more than thumb and forefinger, but combine that drop with other drops, and it can wear away mountains. (more)

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Volume 3: Meditations on Transformation (Forthcoming)

Volume 4: Meditations on Joy (Forthcoming)