Why hope matters

Sometimes when I mention I’m writing a four-book series of meditations on hope, people look at me like I’ve lost my mind. The polite ones nod and say, “How nice.” The bold and irritated grimace and assure me they have no need for a book on hope. Perhaps they don’t, but I do. Hope matters … More Why hope matters

Cover reveal!

I am so pleased to reveal the cover to the next volume of the Daily Shot of Hope. Here it is: Thanks Lynne Baur for doing such an amazing job! Look for Volume 2 in November.  

Mindfulness and hope

I can be a master at leaping to conclusions, a gold medalist in catastrophizing. My mind can jump around like a crazed monkey, screeching, throwing mud, and cherry picking information so that I can only see worst-case scenarios for my life. Such antics are why I find mindfulness to be such an important aspect of … More Mindfulness and hope