Politics and hope

How can hope possibly have anything to do with politics? Aren’t the problems too large? Aren’t we frigging helpless? I don’t think so. I’ve spent a lifetime proving that we’re not, but the person who I believe best describes how hope connects to politics is writer Rebecca Solnit. I love how she shows the power … More Politics and hope

Why hope matters

Sometimes when I mention I’m writing a four-book series of meditations on hope, people look at me like I’ve lost my mind. The polite ones nod and say, “How nice.” The bold and irritated grimace and assure me they have no need for a book on hope. Perhaps they don’t, but I do. Hope matters … More Why hope matters

Thanks folks!

Thanks to all the folks on Facebook and Twitter who helped me identify this gorgeous fellow as a Great Blue Heron. I snapped this shot last week while we were vacationing at Orange Beach, Ala.