Mindfulness and hope


I can be a master at leaping to conclusions, a gold medalist in catastrophizing. My mind can jump around like a crazed monkey, screeching, throwing mud, and cherry picking information so that I can only see worst-case scenarios for my life. Such antics are why I find mindfulness to be such an important aspect of hope.

Mindfulness — the art of being in the moment — puts a calming hand on the monkey mind’s shoulder and gives the skittish beast a banana. Focusing on the here and now jolts me out of my obsessions and enables me to feel the rightness of the moment right down to my toes. All of this is why meditations that bring you into the here are now are such a huge part of Volume 2 of the Daily Shot of Hope series. Here’s an example:

Day 45

In the middle of the day
stop where you are.
Be still.
As much as you can
a furnace, an air conditioner, the wind,
traffic noise, voices, a song.
Here. Now.
Wake up.

-Your Daily Shot of Hope: Volume 2 Meditations on Awakening

What role does mindfulness play in your life?

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